"The Bellydancing Kitties of Constantinople" 
This book is 10 by 10 inches square, with 40 hand illustrated pages by Japanese artist Ayako Date, hard cover with a dust jacket. 

$22.00 plus postage and handling 
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If you are in New Orleans or other places that Tamalyn will be visiting in the Spring or Summer, you can buy the book directly. 
Tamalyn's classes in New Orleans, https://www.tamalyndallal.com/new-orleans

Outside of New Orleans, check https://www.tamalyndallal.com/schedule.htm

May 29-31, New York City- BookExpo and the New York Rights Fair

June 21-22, Santa Fe, NM

July 1-4, Seattle, Wa.

July 12-14, Kelowna, BC

August 16-18, Guanzhou, China

August 25-27, Jakarta, Indonesia

August 30-Sept. 1, Bali, Indonesia

Sept. 2-8, Perth, Australia

Sept. 13-15, Hong Kong

Sept. 22-23, Handa, Japan

October 2-6, Shanghai, China

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