Bundle of Joy Special Sale!!! 

August 8 - Sept. 28 only!

Bundle- 5 items, $50

Single item $20

Special sale of my books, shirts and earrings.

5 ITEMS FOR $50 (includes postage within the US)

$20 each (includes postage within the US)

You can do early holiday shopping, for birthdays, or for yourself on a budget. 

(I am moving out of my apartment and into a house. It would be great not to have to move as many boxes of merchandise.)


“The Bellydancing Kitties of Constantinople” Illustrated Children’s book, written by Tamalyn Dallal, illustrated by Japanese artist/dancer Ayako Date  (Regularly priced at $22 not including postage)

“40 Days and 1001 Nights, One Woman’s Dance Through Life in the Islamic World” Travel journal where I spent 40 days in each place:Indonesia, Egypts Siwa Oasis, Zanzibar, Jordan and the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. (Regularly priced at $20 without postage)

“They Told Me I Couldn’t” about my travels dancing and adventuring in Colombia during the 1980’s.  (Regularly priced at $15 not including postage)

Bellydancing Kitties shirts:

Tank tops

Long sleeved tops

T shirts

(Regularly priced $22 without postage)

Wood and decoupage earrings with characters from the “Bellydancing Kitties of Constantinople”

(Regularly priced at $18 without postage)


"Zanzibar Dance, Trance and Devotion" An anthology of 26 traditional dances of Zanzibar (Tanzania) that were filmed by Tamalyn in a 2 year project, with the Kariako state dance co. of Zanzibar. (2011- Regularty priced at $30 without postage)

"Ethiopia Dances For Joy" Sharing dance, music, food and fashion from five regions of Ethiopia, filmed by Tamalyn Dallal (2013 Regularly priced at $30 without postage))

"American Bellydance Icons" A comprehensive documentary preserving the legacy of dancers and their dance/life journeys. This film, by Amaya was over two years in the making. It features a generation of dancers that you will want to know: Amaya, Tamalyn Dallal, Elena Lentini, Delilah, Fahteim, Isis, Karen Barbee, Angelika Nemeth, Suhaila Salimpour, Ma Shuqa, Marta Schill and Feiruz Aram. (2020 Regularly priced at $20 without postage)

*Please specify which items you would like and what sizes of shirts.