"The Bellydancing Kitties of Constantinople"

The little black kitty knows only loneliness and rejection until he is rescued by a dashing cowgirl, who whisks him off to New Orleans. There she delivers him into the arms of her friend Topaz, a bellydancer eager to free her home of a resident mouse. Topaz, gazing at the frightened creature, sees his regal bearing and names him “Pasha,” an honorary title bestowed on dignitaries of the Ottoman Empire. 

With his new name, Pasha gains a voice, a palace, and an identity. He exercises his new voice with abandon and moves with Topaz to an old house on Constantinople Street, where he spends his days lounging on Turkish carpets and relishing thoughts of Topaz being his forever mom. 

One day Topaz, yearning to bellydance in faraway places, brings a stranger with a pink kitty into his palace and begins packing a suitcase. Pasha feels heartbroken and confused. However, love reigns supreme! Bellydancing puts a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step once again as he and the pink kitty transform their world into a shower of shimmer and sparkle.